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Interior designer for furniture design. Renovate your home house flat apartment with many different kind of wood work. There are many wood work is required during home house flat renovation. Very necessary thing is wooden bed, modular kitchen, some cupboards, dining table with beautiful chairs and furniture in drawing room.


There is some optional wood works like LED unit, shoes rack, cupboard for rough use items, counter top in bathroom, wooden false ceiling, wooden paneling on wall, wooden flooring, wooden showcase in drawing room, wooden counter in kitchen, book shelf  etc.

List of very important woodwork during home house flat apartment interior.

  • One or more cupboard for clothes and other thing storage
  • Modern bed with latest design
  • Dining table with chairs
  • Sofa and other furniture in drawing room

List of some optional woodwork during home house flat apartment interior

  • Latest LED TV unit
  • Wooden false ceiling
  • Showcase in drawing room
  • Cupboard for rough items
  • Wooden counter in kitchen
  • Book self
  • Wooden wall paneling
  • Bathroom counter top

Above mentioned all wood work require during home house flat apartment interior or renovation work work.


Please submit your requirement and we will get back you soon.



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  1. Raghuveer says:

    We are providing interior designer for furniture design.


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