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Expert house painter. This the best time to start home or house painting, repair and renovation work.  Now you can plan for home painting or home repair or home renovation. Generally August to October before Diwali is the best time to start home renovation or home painting or  home repair work in India. Paint will make your house new. In every 3 to 4 years you can plan for house painting. Take view in your complete house and repair everything that need to be repair. If you are looking for big changes or redesign your home or house then plan for home renovation work. Following are the ways to start painting, repair and renovation work.


Home repair

You can plan home repair one time in every year. Every year you will find that there are many things need to be repair in your home, house, flat, apartment etc. So every year find out what need to be repair or change. Try to do it complete repair work in one time not do it in every 2 or 3 month because this is very stress full and time taking. Hire expert carpenter for carpentry repair work, good electrician for electric repair work, hire good plumber for plumbing repair work etc. These are the basic thing that you need to repair time to time.

Home painting

Home painting is required in every 3 to 4 years. Generally people in India start home paints before Diwali or before any family function. Because paint gives clean and new look of house, home, flat, apartment etc. So hire an expert painter and make good color combination and start home painting now.

Home renovation

Home renovation includes lots of changes in house, home, flat, apartment etc. During home renovation you can plan some new interior work, some wood work, civil work, plumbing work, electric work, pop work, false ceiling, painting etc. You can plan home renovation in every 5 to 6 years.


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